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Quest AT Disc Golf Starter Set

Quest AT Disc Golf Starter Set

$ 16.00 $ 25.00

Quest AT's 3 disc starter set give you a great set of discs to not only learn with, but is also great for players of all skill levels. We chose these discs because they are the ideal first 3 discs to start with. The Driver and Midrange utilize Dimple Technology to help discs fly straighter and further than their non-dimpled counterparts. Discs included are Raging Inferno DDT (Driver) T-Bone (Midrange) and 10 Meter Crossfire (Putter). Ultra-Lights are better discs than heavier ones for most players, as they are easier to throw further, and don't require the same power/snap to go as far. *Colors and plastic type may vary* Quest AT discs are made in the USA. PDGA Approved


  • Experience the most amount of success, within the least amount of time
  • The dimples on golf balls make them fly straighter and further, the same is true for Disc Golf Discs
  • The Driver flies further and straighter with less effort
  • The Mid-Range is very controllable, it's great for predictable results
  • The Putter is a high accuracy putter that is less likely to spin out of the basket, essentially making the target bigger.
  • Colors may vary. 

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